Lodge Canmore No.1175 Thursday 26th September 2013

Thursday 2th September 2013 was the official visitation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross to Lodge Canmore No.1175. On this occasion the Deputation was led by Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Rev Andrew Paterson.

This proved to be a special occasion. as there was present a Deputation from the United Grand Lodges of Germany. They were headed by their Immediate Past Grand Master Bro. Klaus Kott.                            

The Substitute candidate for the evening was one of the German Brethren who was duly obligated and instructed in the signs and secrets of a Fellow Craft Freemason in what was a very well worked degree. Afterwards Worshipful Brother Michael Romu of Wilhelmshaven, presented RWM Bro. Geoff Ruzgar with a gift as a token of the friendship between the Lodges.

A warm welcome was also extended to Bro. Ron Mann, RWM of Lodge Protea No.1578, District Grand Lodge of Western Province of the Cape of Good Hope. Bro. Mann is a MM of Lodge Dunearn No.400, his Mother Lodge and was accompanied by the RWM of Lodge Dunearn Bro. Bill Dewar.

The business of the Provincial Grand Lodge was conducted by Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Craig Thompson on this evening.


Before entering the Lodge

PGM Bro. Andrew Paterson with SPGM Bro. Craig Thompson and the Deputation from Germany

Brethren after the meeting

RWPGM and WSPGM with Lodge Canmore No.1175 Brethren and Visitors

 PGM with Bro. Ron Mann

Left to Right

Bro. Bill Dewar RWM Lodge Dunearn No.400

Bro. Rev Andrew Paterson RWPGM

Bro. Ron Mann RWM Lodge Protea No.1578

District Grand Lodge of Western Province of the Cape of Good Hope