Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 Wednesday 25th September 2013

Thursday 2th September 2013 at the Regular Meeting of Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 a Memorial Plaque was unveiled and dedicated by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross.

After the event Bro. Gordon Michie Treasurer of Lodge Earl Haig No.1260, Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master said:

"On behalf of our RWM Billy Condie can I thank the PGM Bro. Rev Andrew Paterson and his team for officiating at the Consecration and Dedication of the memorial to Bro. Edwin Watson, a Brother who gave the ultimate sacrifice in World War 2 while undertaking an anti U Boat mission. The Lodge only found out about this loss late last year and it was the wish of the Brethren of Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 to recognise Bro. Edwin Watson.

Special mention to the three brethren who with their musical talent managed to bring tears, raise the hair on the back of the neck and properly commemorate this event, Bro. Mark Clifford on Organ, Bro. Bob Ross on Pipes and our Bugler Bro. Darren Empson.

Thank you to all our visitors who joined with us to commemorate this special meeting in our history and thank you for your generosity and the Brethren from the Lodge for raising the magnificent sum of £150 for Poppy Scotland".

Photographs provided by Bro. Gordon Michie Substitute Provincial Grand Master.


Memorial Plaque

The Memorial Plaque in Memory of Bro. Edwin Watson

RWM with PGL

RWM Bro. Condie with RWPGM Bro. Paterson and Brethren of PGL of Fife and Kinross

RWM with PGM

Left to Right

Bro. Bill Condie RWM Lodge Earl Haig No.1260

Bro. Rev Andrew Paterson RWPGM