Lodge Templehall No.1599 Regular Meeting 5th February 2014


Great evening at Lodge Templehall No.1599 on Wednesday 5th February when Bro. Jim Mack PM led a team of Office-Bearers in an exemplification of  the Fellow Craft Degree. The 'B' Team as they were referred to carried out the Degree in a first class manner, every Brother who had taken on an office or a lecture in the Degree playing their part for which they must all be congratulated.

After the meeting Bro. Jim Mack PM presented the Substitute Candidate Bro. Alex Whitehill PM Lodge St. John No35 with a small gift in appreciation of his assistance.

The evening was attended by WSPGM Bro. Bill Rocks

Regular Meeting

Degree Team


Regular Meeting

Left to Right

Bro. Alistair Gibson RWM Lodge Templehall No.1599

Bro. Jim Mack PM Lodge Templehall No.1599


Regular Meeting

WSPGM Bro. Bill Rocks with Bro. Jim Mack PM Lodge Templehall No.1599