Lodge St. Serf No.327, Regular Meeting 4th March 2014


The Regular Meeting of Lodge St. Serf No.327 on Tuesday 4th March 2014, was the occasion of the Annual Visitation by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross, headed by Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Stewart Quigley.

The Degree work presented was an exemplification of the Fellow Craft Degree when Substitute Candidate Bro. Mark Conway was passed to that Degree in a very able and dignified manner by RWM Bro. Brian West and his Degree Team.

After the Degree Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Quigley carried out the business of Provincial Grand Lodge. At the completion of which Bro. Andrew Simpson PM of Lodge St. Serf No.327 was conducted onto the floor of the Lodge, where Bro. Quigley presented him with a Distinguished Service Certificate on behalf of the Brethren of Lodge St. Serf No.327; a token of appreciation by the Brethren of the Lodge for the long and distinguished service that Bro. Simpson PM has given to Lodge St. Serf No.327.


Installation 2013

Bro. Drew Simpson PM Lodge St. Serf No.327


Installation 2013

RWM Bro. Brian West with Bro. Drew Simpson PM


Installation 2013

Left to Right

SPGM Bro. Stewart Quigley

Bro. Drew Simpson PM

RWM Bro. Brian West


Installation 2013

SPGM Bro. Stewart Quigley with Bro. Drew Simpson PM