The Regular Meeting of

Lodge Dunearn No.400 14th January 2013


Bro Richard Campbell (age 28) was raised to the 3rd or High and Sublime Degree of a Master Mason  by Lodge Dunearn No.400 Office-Bearers. A very well worked Degree and congratulations to the RWM and his team on the standard of degree work. And to Bro. Richard Campbell on being Raised to the Degree of a Master Mason


The RWM Bro. Bill Dewar then invited the RWPGM Bro. Andrew Paterson to present Bro Eck Douglas with his Diamond Gold Jubilee Certificate to mark 75 years as a Freemason.


Bro. Douglas was initiated into Lodge Dunearn on 10th January 1938. He has never held office and has rarely missed a meeting in those 75 years. And is a true inspiration to us all and to the new Master Mason Bro. Campbell who is 70 years his junior


The Provincial Grand Master Bro. Rev Andrew Eadie Paterson JP in his address to Bro. Alexander Myles Douglas stated the following:
"It should be evident this evening that this fraternity is a fraternity for all ages and where all ages can and do meet together, for it is clear that we have the very young amongst us and the more seasoned amongst us and then there is Alex Douglas in our midst.
King George VI was the Grand Master Mason of Scotland and became King that same year as you joined this fraternity, we can only read about that, you experienced that and so much more,and I can assure you that this Lodge will secure your history and I can assure you that the Province of Fife and Kinross will also.
Bro Alex Douglas, every Brother who has gathered here this evening in Lodge Dunearn No.400, regardless of age or rank, has gathered here to pay tribute to you, to honour you and to say thank you to you for setting such a high example and exemplary standard of what it is to be faithful to your Mother Lodge with an overwhelming record of faithful attendance and commitment over the past seventy five years. We all stand in awe of you this evening.
All at Grand Lodge wish you well today on reaching a very rare and unique mile stone of service and commitment to your Mother Lodge.
All within this Province share a sense of gratitude and humility because of you and your commitment this Lodge can only be brimming with pride because of you this day.
You now rank in the history of the Province and I have only ever witnessed a gathering like this for a formidable PM of another Lodge within this Province, who like yourself achieved a major milestone, but this is your night and everyone here will always rember Brother Alexander Myles Douglas.
We who have gathered here today wish you well, health and happiness and Gods Blessing to be continually upon you".
In reply Bro. Alex Douglas remarked that he would like to see more Brethren going the distance.


Bro. Andrew Paterson invited then conducted Bro. Eck Douglas to a seat in the east of the Lodge to a standing ovation and rapturous applause from all present.


Bro. Douglas was Born on 9th June 1914 in Somerville Street just along from the Lodge and will be 99 on his next Birthday. He worked at Burntisland Shipyard as a Plumber / Pipe Fitter alongside his Father and Grandfather apprenticed in 1928.
His uncle Bro. Robert Douglas was the first candidate to be initiated into Lodge Dunearn in their Current Hall in 1917.
Bro. Douglas attended the social evenings of Lodge St. Johns Inverkiething for many decades and has a nephew who is a Past Master of Lodge Rosyth No.1159.


Below is a few photographs taken to mark the occasion

Bro A Scobie

Bro. A Scobie DM

PGM A Paterson

PGM Bro. A Paterson

Bro Douglas with PGM

Bro. Eck Douglas with PGM Bro. Rev Andrew Paterson

Bro Douglas with PGL

Bro. Douglas with the PGL Deputation

PGM and Bro Douglas

PGM Bro. A Paterson and Bro. Douglas

G Michie & RWM

SPGM Bro. G Michie ensures he gets his forty-niners passport signed


PGM with RWM Bro. Bill Dewar


Bro. Douglas's Diamond Gold Certificate

Lodge Dunearn Brn with PGM

PGM and Lodge Dunearn No.400 Brethren

Lodge Dunearn Brn

Lodge Dunearn No.400 Brethren

RWM, Bro Douglas, Can Bro Campbell and PGM

Left to Right
RWM Bro. Bill Dewar
Bro. Eck Douglas
Bro. Richard Campbell Candidate for the Evening
PGM Bro. Andrew Paterson

With Deputation from Lodge St. John No.60

With Deputation from Lodge St. John No.60

 with RWM's and PGM

Bro. Douglas with RWM's and PGM

With RWM's

Bro. Douglas with RWM Bro. Bill Dewar Lodge 400 and RWM Bro. Jim Scade Lodge 60

RWM and Bro Douglas

Bro. Douglas with RWM Bro. Dewar