Regular Meeting of Lodge The Oswald of Dunnikier No.468

Monday 25th March 2013


This evening Bro Martin Hogg was advanced to the honourable degree of a mark master mason. The occasion was unique as the degree work was carried out by office bearers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross, who had been invited to come along to Lodge The Oswald of Dunnikier to work the degree.


The degree team was headed by the Provincial Grand Secretary Bro. Bob Christie who acted as the RWMM.


Photographs taken by WSPGM Bro. Gordon Michie.



Degree team with IPM and Candidate

Degree Team with IPM and Candidate

Bro. Hogg with PGM, PGS and IPM Bro. McKenzie

Bro. M Hogg with PGM Bro. A Paterson, PGS Bro. R Christie and IPM Bro. I McKenzie

PGM and Bro. Hogg

PGM Bro. A Paterson and Bro. M Hogg

RWMM and Bro. Hogg

RWMM Bro. R Christie and Candidate Bro. M Hogg

PGM with PGS

PGM Bro. Andrew Paterson with PGS Bro. Bob Christie