Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520 Thursday 9th of May 2013


Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520 hosted a joint FC Degree on Thursday 9th May 2013, with the following 5, 2nd and 4th Thursday Lodges taking part, Lodge St. John No.35, Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520, Lodge Balfour Melville No.809, Lodge Canmore No.1175, and Lodge Earlshall No.1292, Bro. Davie Baisley RWM of Lodge Randolph No.776 (1st and 3rd Thursdays) completed the line up by acting as Inner Guard.
A large turnout of brethren from 20 visiting lodges swelled the ranks, and an excellent degree was conferred by the Reigning Masters who took part, with Bro Alec Whitehill IPM of Lodge St. John No.35 acting as substitute candidate.


At this meeting the collection and raffle is to be donated to a local charity. Please read the report below by Bro. Donald MacGuire PM Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520.


Photographs taken by Bro. Ronnie Hall PM Lodge Glenrothes No.1549


Degree Team with Candidate

The Degree Team with Substitute Candidate Left to Right

Bro. G Ruzgar RWM of Lodge Canmore No.1175

Bro. D Gillespie RWM of Lodge Balfour Melville No.809

Bro. J Hutton RWM of Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520

Bro. A Whitehill IPM of Lodge St. John No.35 Substitute Candidate

Bro. L Lindsay RWM of Lodge Earlshall No.1292

Bro. A Wright RWM of Lodge St. John No.35

Bro. D Baisley RWM of Lodge Randolph No.776

Candidate Bro. Alec Whitehill

Candidate Bro. Alec Whitehill IPM Lodge St. John No.35

RWM's David Gillespie and John Hutton

Bro. D Gillespie RWM Lodge Balfour Melville No.809

receives the gavel from Bro. J Hutton RWM Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520

In order that Lodge Balfour Melville may host the next joint Degree


Thursday 9th May , found St Clair of Dysart 520 packed full, to witness the workings of a fellow craft degree, carried out by the reigning masters of Lodge's 35 , 520 , 809 , 1175 , and 1292 , all of whom meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays , so this special meeting , scheduled to take place annually , and this time with no less than 20 lodges visiting proved to be a very successful evening .


With a very well worked degree over , it was announced that the RWM , PM'S and brethren of Lodge St Clair of Dysart 520 had agreed that the collection this evening would be given directly to a nominated charity , in this case "Teenage Cancer Trust " .


In order to allow the visiting brethren to fully appreciate the severity of this illness , time was taken to highlight , the example of "Esme MacIntyre" , a young girl from Kinnesswood , who was initially diagnosed as having a cancerous brain tumour at the age of 11 , and Esme in her "Facebook " pages (Esmes Adventures) carefully detailed her life being turned upside down after her operation that left her paralysed down her right side , leaving her to learn how to write and cope with her left hand / left side . Esme also recalled how she felt getting back to school , but that she hated school as she was "different" , she had been in hospital for four months , she was in a wheelchair and had no hair , and basically felt so "lonely" , which for an S1 pupil , had to be extraordinarily tough .


Esme struggled through school , but hated it as she couldn't take part in activities , and any special activity groups were either closed because of lack of support or she was the only one attending .She did manage 5 standard grades which was a real acheivement , but despite trying highers she had to admit was a step too far as she'd missed too much school through her illness.


After years of Physio , Esme finally enabled herself to walk , perhaps not as you and I would but her determination reaped results , and from here Esme went to college , was meeting new friends , and was even given a new car under a government scheme , so she saw her life , finally getting on track ...


In November 2012 , her balance was a bit shaky , so was taken to hospital for a check up , and was "completely lost for words " when her doctor advised her cancer had returned......


Esme had a brain operation the following week , but not all of the tumour could be removed , and was deemed "incurable" .


Esmes health is deteriorating despite chemotherapy , and also after clinical trials in Newcastle , but her amazing spirit and will to "live " each day is truly inspirational .


Esme has aleady had Sir Chris Hoy around for lunch and a photo shoot on their bikes , she has met with Dame Ellen MacArthur , and even had Jennifer Port busking with her harp to raise awareness of this need .


 Whilst this all goes on , Esme explains in her story , the effect on her parents, her brother , her friends , and her wish that she can do all she can to support Teenage Cancer Trust , as in her valuable experience Esme educates us that Teenage Cancer Trust , makes sure that young peoples lives don't stop because they have cancer , they ensure young people are treated as young people first , cancer patients second . They build Teenage Cancer Trust Units that are primarily for teenagers and young adults . They educate about cancer , and work with the professionals to develop knowledge so we can all hope for new diagnosis earlier , and new cures .


It is always so much harder , when you know someone , and their family , and you know that support can only be given in the way we know how , so I was delighted after hearing Esme's story , that the collection donated directly to Teenage Cancer Trust was £324 , topped up by a further £200 raised by raffling a "gallon " bottle of whisky , which had been donated towards an event planned for further fundraising on Saturday 18th May at Lodge St Serf 327 , where we hope Esme will be strong enough to attend , as it has been organised by her friends , who I guess identify exactly how Esme felt , and now feels , and simply want to let her know she is loved and to thank her for her strength and honesty at this very testing time .


To raise a total of £524 on the evening , was a great success , and it added to what was already a great evening for freemasons in Fife .


Bro. Donald MaGuire PM Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520