Lodge Oak No.877 Wednesday 30th October 2013


Wednesday 30th October 2013 a Reigning Masters Degree was held at a special meeting of Lodge Oak No.877, when Reigning Masters of surrounding Lodges worked a Fellow Craft Degree.

Lodges represented were:

Lodge St. John No.60 Inverkiething

Lodge St. Serf No.327 Kinross

Lodge St. John No.540 Crossgates

Lodge Thane of Fife No.781 Cowdenbeath

Lodge Oak No.877 Kelty

Lodge Rosyth No.1159

Lodge Canmore No.1175 Dunfermline

Lodge Torrie No.1141 Cairneyhill

Lodge Kinneddar No.1239 Saline        

Photograph provided by Bro. Hugh Martin WSW Lodge St. John No.540 Crossgates.              

Reigning Masters Degree

Reigning Masters Degree Lodge Oak No.877

Wednesday 30th October 2013