Special Meeting Lodge St. Margaret's Hope No.1184 Saturday 31st May 2014

A nice wee afternoon was spent at Lodge St Margaret's Hope No.1184 when the RWM presiding at his first meeting and undertaking his first degree after his installation invited Honorary Members to assist in raising two Brethren to the High and Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

The working team supporting the Lodge Office-Bearers were made up of:

Bro. Geoff Ruzgar Lodge Canmore No. 1175
Bro. John Robertson Lodge Rosyth No. 1159
Bro. Jim Coleman Lodge Rosyth No. 1159
Bro. John Waterfield Lodge Union No. 250
Bro. Andy Edwards Lodge St. Stephens Edinburgh No. 145
Bro. Alan Baker Lodge Kirkton Hall No. 1614

With the musical and singing talents of the Lodge Oak No.877 Brethren in the guise of Eddie Lindsay PM and Bill Martin PM.

SPGM Craig Thompson represented the PGM on this occasion.
Photograph and report provided by SPGM Bro. Gordon Michie.