Lodge St. Michael No.246, Jubilee Certificate 20th February 2014


Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Tom Donaldson visited Lodge St. Michael No.246 on Thursday 20th February when he presented a Jubilee Certificate to Bro. Eric Thomson PM.

Bro. Thomson was Initiated into Lodge St. Michael on the 6th February 1964, Passed on the 20th February 1964, Raised on the 5th March 1964 and advanced to the Mark Master Mason Degree on the 2nd May 1964.

He has served the Lodge in the office of Chaplain for 2 years, Sen Deacon for 2 years, WJW for 1 year, 3 Years as WSW before serving the Lodge as RWM from 1972 to 1974.

In the late sixties he and other Brethren ran a disco for the kids in Tayport every two weeks. Whilst in the Chair he also ran social dances every two weeks.

He was a painter and decorator by trade and used his talents to the lodges advantage always doing odd jobs around the lodge carrying out major refurbishments to the premises such as new ladies and gents toilets.

One of his greatest satisfactions came from his Charity Fund Raising events along with Bro. Bruce Dickson PM, raising substantial amounts for CHAS, Roxburgh House Dundee, and various wards and departments at Ninewells Hospital.

Photograph provided by Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Tom Donaldson.

50 Years

DPGM Bro. Tom Donaldson with Bro. Eric Thomson PM