Lodge Balgonie No.764 Thursday 3rd October 2013

A memorable evening on Thursday 3rd October 2013 for Lodge Balgonie No.764.

Two Lewis Candidates were Initiated into the Lodge. Bro. Aitken and Bro. Davie. Their family members in the Lodge must have been very proud that night.

A Great experience for the RWM Bro. Colin Davie, a proud Father and now Masonic Brother, he and Bro. Alan Aitken delivered some ritual to their sons, which will last with them both for many years.

The meeting was packed with visitors from within and outwith the Province, with an appearance from the PGM Bro. Rev Andrew Paterson who added to the occasion when he presented the final lecture to the candidates.

Photographs provided by Bro. Daniel Everritt WJW Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19


Candidates with Lodge members

PGM Bro. Andrew Paterson, Candidates and Lodge members

PGM with Candidates and Fathers

RWPGM with Candidates and Proud Fathers


The implement by which the Perfect Ashlar is suspended is termed a Lewis. Lewis denotes strength and is here represented by certain pieces of metal dove-tailed into a stone, which forms a cramp, and enables the operative Mason to suspend stones at the height required, preparatory to fixing them.

Lewis likewise denotes the son of a Mason, whose duty It is to bear the burden and heat of the day, from which his parents, by reason of their age, ought to be exempt; and to assist them in time of need, so as to render the close of their days happy and comfortable. He has a privilege for so doing, namely, to be made a Mason before any other person, however dignified by rank or station.